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Posted 02.04.2013

TRUTH IN 24 II - Every Second Counts

TRUTH IN 24 II - Every Second Counts
Posted 29.03.2013

Stig Blomqvist - 1000 Lakes Rally 1988 - SS 1 Laajavuori - INCAR

Posted 29.03.2013
Another epic build thread from Dave Rowe - over on the Mitsubishi Lancer Register detailing his Evo 9RS Pikes Peak build. Put on a cup of coffee and head on over for a read - beautiful!"
Posted 27.03.2013
Over at Speedhunters, they've put together a breath-taking gallery of the Zakspeed Capri. Well worth taking a coffee break and reading through
Posted 26.03.2013

The Lamborghini WRC - Stage One

Hmm... I think they've still got a bit of development to do yet!
Posted 25.03.2013

C. Mcrae vs J.Kankkunen Semifinal (Carrera de Campeones 1992).

They don't make them like this anymore :(
Posted 25.03.2013

Onboard - Kevin proctor and Juspe Leppihalme - Eurocircuit 2013 [HD] Pure Sound - Rally TV

Posted 25.03.2013

Enormous fire-breather Mitsubishi Lancer EVO - 600 bhp Onboard special Hillclimb Switzerland FV20




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