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Posted 04.03.2013

Subaru Impreza wrx sti 360 overtake slide icy road Winter Russia

Posted 04.03.2013

Euan Thorburn/Paul Beaton - Malcolm Wilson Rally 2013 Grizedale South

That's the way it's done...
Posted 03.03.2013

Ron Howards - RUSH Sneak Peak Film Preview (2013)

Ron Howard recreation of the Lauda and Hunt era of Formula 1...
Posted 28.02.2013
We're happy to announce our new mobile theme - browsing fast cars has never been faster!
Posted 27.02.2013

Electric Toyota Race Car: Stuns Nordschleife Lap

Although badged as a Toyota, looks suspiciously like a Radical SR3 to me... anyways, pretty stunning lap time nevertheless...
Posted 26.02.2013
Always a big fan of these 'build threads' and here's one that's a bit different than most - a Viper engine into a vintage Rolls Royce?"
Posted 24.02.2013
Thankfully not something you see a lot!
Posted 22.02.2013
A simply breathtaking gallery from Alfaholics of this Alfa restoration."
Posted 20.02.2013

INSANE Audi Quattro Sport S1 1000 Lakes Group B Rally (Pure Engine Sound)

Can you ever get enough of this? I think not...
Posted 20.02.2013
A selection of photos from the McRae gathering




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