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Posted 19.01.2015

Subtitled version of Neil Hickey & Enda Kennedy - Funny Irish Rally Video!

Made even funnier when you turn on the subtitles!
Posted 14.01.2015

Tony Pond IOM TT Challenge Rover Vitesse 100mph lap record

We've all seen the video of Higgins doing in the Subaru, but how about Tony Pond in a Rover Vitesse?
Posted 05.01.2015

TERRIFYING onboard race karts !!!!! Impressive !!!!

We all remember the footage of the SuperKarts round the Manx GP back in the day, well here's an updated version of shifter/gearebox karts in Italy!
Posted 29.12.2014

Leyton House CG901B Start Up Procedure

A fascinating video showing the pre-heating, priming and start-up of a 90s era Leyton Houxe Fornula 1 car.
Posted 09.12.2014

Mazda 787B - Le Mans (wonderful sound) (HD)

Beautiful noise from the Group C Mazda 787B driven by Johnny Herbert.
Posted 28.11.2014

Richard Burns Subaru Legacy Gp A MANX Rally In-Car

Richard Burns on the Manx in his Group A Subaru Legacy.
Posted 12.11.2014

Mark Shillaber Ford Fiesta BDH Wiscombe Hillclimb record

Sounds glorious!
Posted 11.11.2014

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (RKRD) Hillclimb Drift

We do love a bit of European hillclimb action... check out this Mitsubishi Evo smoking it's tyres up the hill....
Posted 11.11.2014

Alex Kapadia Onboard Radical SR8 Barcelona Radical European Masters

Alex Kapadia takes his Radical SR8 from 25th to 4th in Barcelona. Awesome!
Posted 23.10.2014

Transit Supervan - 1971

Classic Ford V8 supervan with GT40 bits footage...




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