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Posted 15.11.2013

The Ferrari 288 GTO - Group B Spec!!

A Ferrari 288GTO being driven...
Posted 12.11.2013

British Rallycross Grand Prix Final 2013 - Kevin Procter In Car

Posted 11.11.2013

Corvette Racing's Tommy Milner, Petit Le Mans - /DRIVER'S EYE

Posted 05.11.2013

TERRIFIC Onboard Hillclimb St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers 2012 - Osella FA 30 - V8 3.0 - Marcel Steiner

Posted 04.11.2013

Julian Reynolds/Ian Oakey In-Car Harry Flatters Rally 2009

Posted 31.10.2013
Not your run of the mill build thread this one... an epic rebuild of a Ferrari F40 was detailed over at Ferrari chat
Posted 26.10.2013
Some Frenchmen have decided it was a good idea to bolt on a V8 Ferrari engine to a quad bike... seems like a sound plan to me
Posted 16.10.2013

Calum Duffy Mull Rally 2013 Spin and Off

Calum Duffy going off in Mull.
Posted 15.10.2013

Mull Rally Record broken by Peter Taylor




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