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Classic & Vintage car parts

¤ Standard GEARBOXES S5-18/3 Rally & Race 

¤ Ideal to make a good Gearbox Rally version. 
* Full with Lever. 
* Without Clutch Bellhousing. 
PRICE: £-1350 + Delivery . 

We can provide all Parts to perform transformations. 

* Put together with main Housing and back of checked second-hand in perfect condition, controlled and NEW final Tailgate Housing ! (For ESCORT, OPEL-VAUXALL, B.M.W.-02, ALFA, FIAT and SUNBEAM/TALBOT LOTUS). 
* New Gearkit ! 
* New 5x Steel Synchros. 
* New Bearings and Gaskets. 
* New 9x Heavy-duty Solid Steel Hub Blocker Pads. 
* New Heavy-duty 6x Blocker Pad Retaining Springs. 
* New 180mm straight or crancked 25° Long Steel Lever with Z.F. original Knop. 
* WITHOUT Clutch Bell. 
* Ratios : 
- 1st. = 2.30. 
- 2nd. = 1.80. 
- 3rd. = 1.36. 
- 4th. = 1.14. 
- 5th. = 1.00. 
PRICE: From £-5800,00. + VAT & Delivery 

¤ The KIT ONLY with Ratios above. PRICE: £-3600. WITH 5x Steel Synchrorings & New Mainshaft + Delivery 



- Email : [email protected]

- WEBSITE : https://www.zf-motoraction-rallying.com

- Contact Tel No: +33 669 063 330


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+33 669 063 330
Etain, France

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