Hiring a Rental Car in Barbados

A lot of people who visit Barbados end up staying in an all-inclusive hotel, only seeing the bar, the pool and the short stretch of beach in front of their hotel. Those who do this miss out on all the best bits of Barbados and don’t experience the island at all.

The best way to see the island is to hire a car in Barbados and get out and about yourself. Every hire car company will supply a map with the car and it’s surprisingly easy to find your way around – and enjoyable!

The locals are friendly and used to helping out lost hire cars ensuring they’re pointed in the right direction. When heading out, we would recommend making sure the car is full of fuel – you don’t want to end up short when lost! Carry some drinks with you and have your camera at the ready!

Our favourite tour route takes us north out of Bridgetown along the West Coast, all the way up and through the historic Speightstown. From there, head even further north to North Point and view the difference in scenery of the North Coast.

You can then make your way round the north to Little Bay and Cove Bay, amazingly picturesque spots. From here, come further down and be sure to see the breath-taking view from Cherry Tree Hill.

Once you have taken in the view you can carry on to the East Coast Highway through Cattlewash and go to Bathsheba – another picturesque stop where you can recharge for a while.

After Bathsheba you may wish to drop in on Codrington College and feed the fish before heading to Bottom Bay or the Crane.

And this is just one of our routes, there is so much to see so don’t stay in your room, rent a car in Barbados and see the whole island!




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