MK INDY-BLADE- 900cc FIREBLADE-2002-Kit Car-Not Q Plate

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Bike engined kit cars for sale

MK Indy Fireblade 2002 Registered

NON Q Plate- on an "E" Age Related Plate



I bought this car almost 2 years ago from the original person who built the car, no expense or time has been spared on the build. He only sold the car to concentrate on a new project.

I used the car up until last autumn then the car has been in storage ever since, the car was started every month- starts first time no problems, but I’m now finding that I don’t have the time to use and enjoy the car so hence the sale.

The car is booked in for its MOT this week, so will be sold with full 12 months, also the car is due to be serviced, and I have arranged for the bonnet, front wheel arches and nose cone to be painted at the same time- nothing to worry about just a few scuffs from being in storage and the odd stone chip.

The car is in excellent condition both inside and out.


This is not your everyday Kit Car; this car is very, very fast and has been built for optimum speed and handling. I used to own a Porsche Cayman S at the same time as owning this car. After driving the IndyBlade and then getting into the Cayman it felt like there was something wrong with the Porsche- believe me this is a very fast car and drives like nothing I have ever been in before.- I could only estimate the 0-60 time as something in the region of 4 seconds, and it feels every bit of it what with no doors, only a small wind deflector and with you sitting about 4 inches off the road.

The car is HPI Clear- as I’m the second owner and the first owner built the car from scratch- to the very best of my knowledge the car has never been in an accident, and this appears to be the case when you look at the frame.

Mileage approx 3,100 miles, as I have only done about 400 miles from its last MOT in July 2006 where it was 2,720.

I will try to describe the car as through as possible, but I’m not a mechanic so please feel free to correct me if you believe any of the description is incorrect- a lot of the description and spec was taken from the previous owners description, and simply looking at the car.

· 893 Honda FireBlade Motorbike Engine- pre cat model

· 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox

· Cosworth 7½ inch Limited Slip Differential- LSD

· Cosworth Disk Brakes all round

· New Front Callipers

· Manual Brake Bias Valve- Adjust brake pressure front to rear

· GAZ Adjustable Suspension- Set your ride quality- hard or soft

· Quick Steer Steering Box- Don’t need to turn wheel as much- very useful for country roads

· Cobra Leather Adjustable Sports Seats- Can easily seat a tall person

· 4 Point Willans Harness- fully adjustable

· Momo Sports Steering Wheel with MK Logo on Centre Cap

· Paddle Gear Shift- Never need to take your hands off the wheel

· Digital Gear Indicator Display on Dash- shows current gear

· Push button Start- also with Keys for extra Security

· 185 x 60 x 14 Semi Slick Tyres (Road Legal)- Similar tyres to Lotus Exige

· 7 Spoke Ford Allows with MK Logo on Centre Cap

· Chrome Front Wishbones and Suspension arms

· Chrome rear Roll Bar with LED Brake Lights

· Stainless Steel Front Grill with MK Logo

· Storage Compartment in boot

· New Battery

· Carpeted & Stainless Steel Chequer Plate floor

· Non Q Plate- Age related Number Plate

Insurance for the car is in the region of £220 fully comprehensive on a limited mileage policy; give Adrian Flux a try to see for yourself.

I will deliver the car anywhere in the country- subject to agreeing a cost prior to the end of the auction.

Any inspection is welcome, but I will only be able to start the car and drive it a very short distance in my street to proves that it works as I have no insurance on the car, and it does not warrant insuring the car when I’m selling it- (before any one asks the car is being taken to the garages by low loader)

There are some very small scuffs on the rear wheel arches- hardly noticeable, see photo 7, I did not get these sprayed as they do not come off the car easily.

£100 deposit to be made via paypal within 48 hours of auction ending. Full balance of payment to be within 7 days of auction ending

I will accept cash on collection, bankers draft or a cheque which must be cleared by myself prior to collection

Any questions please feel free to ask, and thanks for Looking

Please email me for my mobile number if you wish to discuss anything over the phone rather than by email.

To answer a lot of questions the car does not have a reverse gear, this has never caused me any problems as you just need to think about how you are going to get it out of the garage when you park it. It has never caused me any problems, and the occasional push of such a light car is no real hardship considering the incredible drive that you have just experienced!

Forgot to mention earlier the car passed its MOT with no problems, so the car now has a full 12 month MOT.

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Paul Errington

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