Nissan Navara Fia Cross Country Race Car

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Rally Cars for sale

This Nissan Navara Race car is South African built, full chromoly tubular frame.It has a Nissan VK50 5l V8 with variable valve

timing an lift.Controlled by Motec M800 ecu with PDM. Sadev 6speed sequential g/box with gear cut  and down.

Reiger dampers 2 per corner. The car was built in 2013 and was first raced in 2014. It has finish every race it has entered including

10 races in the South African National Championship. And Dakar 2015.

This car raced in the Dakar 2015, with a small privateer team and limited rescources finished 31st. Car no #383.

The car is fully FIA spec with all certification.

Spares package can be negotiated.  


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Edenvale, South Africa

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