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MK1 Escort Alan Mann race car

Posted 03.11.2011 in Race Cars for sale
1969 Mk1 Escort Drivetrain; 2.3ltr N/A Cosworth YB engine.Doug Kiddie custom billet crank.Pace dry sump system, all aero-quipped lines throughout.DA10 camshafts with modified inlet cam for phase sensor.Jenvey tapered throttle bodies.Power 256BHP & 192 lbft torque (HT Racings rolling road) Gearbox ~ Quaife rocket 4-speed with straight cut inte...
East Sussex, United Kingdom

MK1 MK2 Escort fully adjustable struts, big Brembo brake kit

Posted 29.06.2010 in Race Car Parts for sale
for sale is a pair of pretty much unused LEDA, fully adjustable legs with 350lb springs.These cost a bloody packet and are the danglies.They are the early escort legs with the cast-in steering arm and have been drilled parrallel for a rose-joint.Bolted to these are some awesome stoppers. Brembo 4-pot calipers (badges as Porsche) with AP Racing 315x...
United Kingdom

N/A Cosworth Engine

Posted 11.12.2009 in Race Car Parts for sale
For sale is my 2.0ltr N/A Cosworth Engine. Here's the spec: Cosworth forged pistons91mm bore (std. is 90.84mm).11.4 :1 Comp.ratioL1 inlet camshaft timed @ 102BD3 exhaust camshaft timed @ 110Ported / polished 4 x 4 cyl. head. (26.7mm inl. ports / 25mm exh. ports)Doweled / matched inlet manifold + 48mm Jenvey throttle bodies.Omex management system. R...
East Sussex, United Kingdom



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